Bird Drawing with Bill Berry

Grade 4

Karen Stomberg, Art Specialist

Students learn about the life and work of wildlife Alaskan artist Bill Berry. He is best known for his animal studies, published field sketchbook and children’s books. Students carefully examine an Alaskan bird photograph with care and practice different drawing exercises in their field sketchbook. Lastly they produce a complete bird drawing. ** A wonderful extension of this lesson is observing and drawing real mounted birds.

Objectives and assessment criteria

Students will:

  1. understand that drawing from observation in a field sketchbook is an important tool for artists and scientists.
  2. recognize that the Alaskan artist Bill Berry used his field sketches for later help in his illustrations and paintings.
  3. practice looking closely at their bird and creating quick sketches.
  4. develop small carefully detailed drawings using a viewfinder.
  5. synthesize their knowledge of their bird in a final drawing.