Grids and Values in Art and Math

Grade 6

Linda Pfisterer, Art Specialist

Students are introduced to the illusionary art of M. C. Escher. They use hard and soft lead pencils to shade a five-step value scale and then use contrasting values and a dot grid to make isometric drawings of cubes. Grids are used in the second session to make a cooperative enlargement of an Escher print.

Objectives and assessment criteria

Students will:

  1. make a value scale with pencil shading and apply this information to the isometric cube drawings. The same value shading will be used in the class cooperative enlargement of an M. C. Escher print.
  2. use an isometric dot grid to draw a cube design with three shaded values.
  3. use estimation with a line grid to enlarge and shade a small part of a M. C. Escher print.
  4. collaborate with other students so the objects connect with the adjacent piece of the grid.