Northern Migrations: Cranes, Caribou, Salmon

Grade 5

Karen Stomberg, FNSBSD Art Specialist

Students discuss northern migrations and study photos and artwork showing migrations of cranes, caribou and salmon. They consider design elements that create a sense of movement before using watercolors, oil pastel and cut-paper stencils to create a mixed media artwork of cranes, salmon or caribou in motion.

Objectives and assessment criteria

Students will:

  1. observe photos of migrating caribou, cranes and salmon.
  2. discuss elements that create a feeling of movement: repetition and overlapping, curves, diagonals and cropping.
  3. look at Alaskan artists Rie Munoz and Shelley Gill's interpretations of animals on the move, noticing their personal style and use of design elements to create movement.
  4. create a mixed media artwork of migrating caribou, cranes or salmon using watercolor, oil pastel and stencils.