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Landscapes with David Mollett

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students examine landscapes by Fairbanks artist David Mollett looking at fore, middle and backgrounds. They then paint a landscape demonstrating what they learned.


Cans with Andy Warhol

Grade level: 4

Students will be introduced to the artist Andy Warhol, famous for his Pop Art paintings of Campbell's Soup cans. Students will also learn that Warhol had a career as a graphic artist. Students will create their own labeled can to hold whatever humorous or imaginative things they want to contain or preserve.


Animal Portraits with Todd Sherman

Grade level: 1

Students are introduced to the colorful portraits of Fairbanks artist Todd Sherman. Todd enjoys painting animals, friends and family, often adding humor to his art by having animals acting and looking like people. Students paint their own “self-portrait" as an Alaskan animal in the style of Todd Sherman.


Michelangelo's Hands

Grade level: 5

Students study the life of the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, focusing on two of his best-known works, the marble sculpture Pieta and a small part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. They create a modeled or shaded drawing of their hand in a sign language position, cut it out and mount it pop-up style to look like a piece of sculpture.


Bird Drawing with Bill Berry

Grade level: 4

Students learn about the life and work of wildlife Alaskan artist Bill Berry. He is best known for his animal studies, published field sketchbook and children’s books. Students carefully examine an Alaskan bird photograph with care and practice different drawing exercises in their field sketchbook. Lastly they produce a complete bird drawing. ** A wonderful extension of this lesson is observing and drawing real mounted birds.


Hokusai Insect Prints

Grade level: 4

Students will learn about the Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, best known for his print “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”. They will create Japanese children’s style prints, using insects as imagery.